Welcome To My Pity Party

I recently had dinner with a good friend. At one point the subject of psychotherapy came up. We both agreed that we were glad we had done some therapy along the way. I said my wife had once stated flatly that she would not have married me if I had not done therapy. I still love that she said that.


My friend and I talked about how good therapy (and often good coaching) allows us to reprocess certain key events in our lives, so we can extract better, more clear and helpful learning.


My friend then mentioned how therapy had kept him on more than one occasion from throwing and attending his own pity party. I smiled and agreed!


Because my thing is using poems as practical tools in our lives, it came to me that certain poems can also help us avoid our own, self-hosted pity parties. In fact, I recently found the perfect practical poem for breaking up just about any pity party we might find ourselves attending. Let me whet your appetite with a morsel of the poem called “Felling Sorry for Myself” by Charles Harper Webb.


I start with a groan, swelling to a moan, 

rising to a keen, ascending 

to a shriek that tapers off in a thin wail. 

I hug myself and, whimpering, 

rock back and forth on my heels. 

No one has ever known such sadness. 

No one can grasp how I feel.


OK… Want to hear the entire poem spoken click here. Lastly, if you have any good strategies for breaking up your own pity parties, please leave a comment.


 PS: Speaking of pity, I regret to say the poetry reading for this Saturday night has been cancelled. No worries however, if you need a hit of poetry please join me at the Marin JCC on 12/1/15.  All the details are here.

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