The Great Human Question (Poems In A Pandemic #31)

Is today’s offering a poem? I’m not sure. Maybe? Others will have to decide. Is it too preachy? Again, maybe? Should it have been written anyway? Yes, I think a slim and humble case can be made for this. And if not, can such a move be forgiven? I hope. Truth is, time itself made me write and record this piece. A time that says the sun will only rise a few more times before voting in the U.S. of A. ends, and the counting begins. Can I use that word again? Hope.

The Great Human Question

It seems to me, nested at the very core
of our human project, is a great question that
all must answer: Will brute force prevail?

Just because we can do, or force, or take it all,
might we choose, saying, enough is enough.
And based upon these deeper reflections,

that relationships matter, people matter, the earth,
ethics, awe, respect, and kindness for all things.
Of course, this vision is filled with unreasonable aspiration,

impossibly folded inside such simple words, which is why
for our human kind, this fierce question remains. Jury still out,
the votes uncounted, a great and sacred dance unfolding.

Dale Biron

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