When Wolf Asked Why? (An ancient tale of animal politics for our current times…)

Once upon a time, Badger threatened to take the sun hostage. He hissed, “The others must pay if the sun is ever to rise again.” “My ideas are destined,” said Badger. “It’s simply the free market working its magic,” he proclaimed. The talks proceeded well until Wolf’s voice grew low, stern and steady. All he…

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In A Dark Time, The Eye Begins To See… How Poetry Helps Us Name, Claim and Change our Politics

Is this essay for you? Here’s how to decide. These words are especially dedicated to the politically depressed, dejected and dispirited… otherwise known as many of my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances in 2018. Of course, I can’t read your mind, but if you could read my thoughts and feelings, you would find a strange combination of anxiety, fear and hope brewing…

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It’s Time To Love Poetry: Here Are 13 Reasons Why

It wasn’t mean or intentional. No one set out to deprive you or anyone else the considerable benefits of poetry in your work and personal life. No one set out to marginalize poetry, by sending it off to some obscure and threadbare room in your mind where you rarely go. Or if you do go…

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A New Force For Truth: How poetry can save us

We are entering a new more truth-centered era in our professional and political lives. And no, I’m not on mind-altering drugs. I have been savoring some mind-altering poems. And now seeing these poems in a fresh new light, I can appreciate more deeply, their ability to change minds, hearts and eventually whole nations and worlds. “No!…

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Valentine’s Day… A Celebration of Radical Inefficiency

“Dance first, think later. It’s the natural order” – Samuel Beckett. What could be more inefficient than love? I mean what is its purpose? What does it achieve? For example, you could walk like my sweetheart does for miles along Stinson Beach simply to admire the ocean and be delighted by its over-the-top, exuberant displays…

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A Great Poem Tells A Personal Story… Yours! (And I want to hear it!)

Conventional wisdom says it takes years for ideas, feelings and attitudes to change. No doubt, there is truth to that and it can be a depressing truth. Thankfully, it’s not always the case. There are exceptions… surprising, wonderful, even stunning exceptions. I’m speaking of instances where something suddenly shifts. It is the ah-ha moment, where…

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