Complaining Our Way To Gratitude (Poems In A Pandemic #16)

Who does not enjoy a little recreational complaining from time to time? We ask ourselves, how could life be this way? But did you realize that complaining might be a tool for spiritual practice? Done correctly and with the right intention, complaining can become a handy backdoor way into an attitude of gratefulness. On the…

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It’s Not Going Away… Now What? (Poems In A Pandemic #15)

What can a small child enchanted with the world teach us about joy and resilience in the middle of a raging Pandemic? One that isn’t going away soon? Plus a Lucille Clifton poem that’s magic and teaches us to make our own bold stand in difficult times, “hand over hungry hand.”.

Flattening The Covid Grief Curve (Poems In A Pandemic #14)

We’ve all been touched by this pandemic, either directly or indirectly. From the people we love, to the places we cherish and dreams we’ve had to put on hold, the losses mount. We won’t be able to move forward individually or collectively until we more fully witness our losses, honor our grief, and tend to…

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The Stories We Must Own (Poems In A Pandemic #13)

“We either own our stories, or they own us. Only when we have the courage to own our history are we able to write a brave new ending to our story.” Brene Brown said it so well. Here is a poem to help us own our story. A poem that also gives a practical roadmap…

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Your Despair First Aid Kit (Poems In A Pandemic #12)

Are you discouraged? Good, it means you care. It means you are healthy. It also means that your dreams are just about the right size for these difficult times. And you feel those dreams may be in danger. Despair, however, is a different matter. Despair stops us in our tracks. Despair says, “give up” now….

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A Poet Who Refused Silence (Poems In A Pandemic #11)

Rising everywhere is a new story in our country. It’s replacing the old one. It is a story told by millions of protesters of every color, age, class, and gender. It is no longer ignoring the grave systemic injustices that we have long accepted in our society. Perfecting our battered and bedraggled union is in…

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Fierce Hope From Dreams Denied (Poems In A Pandemic #10)

What happens to a dream deferred? Or all together denied? What happens when an entire nation, already reeling from a pandemic, witnesses a murder before “its” very eyes? Does poetry have anything to say in such a situation? Might a piece of art console us? Might a poem begin to tell a story that we…

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Healing Laughter (Poems In A Pandemic #9)

What’s the connection between grief, loss, and healing laughter? Just know this. Even in times of great difficulty, there are small islands of laughter upon which we can visit, shelter, and heal. Poet, Maya Angelou once said, “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.” I feel the same. And I cherish these words by Tim…

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