The 11th Commandment Of Pandemics (Poems In A Pandemic #22)

Poems are like jokes, only with serious punch lines! The 11th Commandment of Pandemics reminds us never to forget our humor. Here is that commandment, plus a deliciously subversive and funny poem by the brilliant, activist, writer, and poet Grace Paley. Go ahead, have a chuckle. You might need it at this very moment.  

How Is Your Life Now? (Poems In A Pandemic #21)

This poem, along with the sea, asks, “How is your life now?” The question is more important than the answer, for once we answer it in any way, we have begun to lay down a trail of crumbs toward meaning. And once we have a sense of purpose, we have a fighting chance at gratitude…

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Down In The Mud Where The Truth Is (Poems In A Pandemic #20)

Does it help to protest for fairness and justice? Does it make one bit of difference if we have a clear vision of what right means? How about the possibility, and the question for which our life is the answer? Yes, of course, these things matter. Listen now to a quiet protest poem—a poem of…

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Your Tiny Acts Of Courage (Poems In A Pandemic #18)

Of course, there are grand acts of courage. We admire them. But that is not the kind available to most of us most of the time. What we need now are tiny acts of bravery and courage by us all. In this current age of pandemic, chaotic politics, and climate change, we must seek to…

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Bold Reforms? They Are Coming… (Poems In A Pandemic #17)

Do you feel the boldness of the reforms coming? A more fair and inclusive politics, with new levels of racial and ecological justice. They are coming but not without a degree of work and struggle. To get around the pain, loss, and difficulty, we must move straight through it. Here is a poem that models…

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Complaining Our Way To Gratitude (Poems In A Pandemic #16)

Who does not enjoy a little recreational complaining from time to time? We ask ourselves, how could life be this way? But did you realize that complaining might be a tool for spiritual practice? Done correctly and with the right intention, complaining can become a handy backdoor way into an attitude of gratefulness. On the…

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It’s Not Going Away… Now What? (Poems In A Pandemic #15)

What can a small child enchanted with the world teach us about joy and resilience in the middle of a raging Pandemic? One that isn’t going away soon? Plus a Lucille Clifton poem that’s magic and teaches us to make our own bold stand in difficult times, “hand over hungry hand.”.

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