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Poetry For The Leader Inside You: A Search and Rescue Mission For the Heart and Soul

Who says leadership starts at the top? Wonder if it actually starts at the bottom… at the very bottom of our own hearts and soul. Perhaps what we need are tools to plumb, polish and project the unique qualities and wisdom we already have deep inside us. Tools that help us genuinely connect with our selves, others and other, then our ability to skillfully influence and lead in any situation will naturally follow. Come hear Dale Biron discuss how poetry helps us accomplish all these things and more in his new book: Poetry For The Leader Inside You – A Search and Rescue Mission For the Heart and Soul. Whether you lead a whole team, a team of just you or an entire organization, you’ll find tips, tricks and some beautiful, stunning language to take with you.

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A Fierce And Enduring Gratitude

How Poetry Supports The Happiness and Joy of Grateful Living In Good Times and Bad

We’ve all experienced difficulties and losses in our lives. From career and business setbacks to divorces and family breakdowns. From health challenges to losing friends and loved ones. Perhaps our most heroic act in the face of such loss is simply allowing our hearts to break and then transforming that pain into compassion, healing and finally service. Of course, no one would ever wish for these kinds of challenges, and yet we can be genuinely grateful for our capacity to gather the courage and strength needed to carry on with skill and dignity. Poems are wise and timeless tools that can help us at every stage of our life’s journey, especially those times of difficulty and loss on our path back to gratitude, happiness and yes, even joy.

Your Wise and Courageous Heart In Action

Igniting Deep Renewal With The Power of Poetry and Story

What a robust people, what a nation of thinkers we might be, if we would only lay ourselves on the shelf occasionally and renew our edges! – Mark Twain

Bette Davis famously said, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” But even youth is no picnic if we’re feeling stressed, frazzled and weary. What we yearn for, no matter what age we are is feeling more centered, connected and calm in our lives. Of course, this requires that we have fast and effective ways to reconnect to our most wise and courageous selves.

Fortunately there are simple and effective tools for deep renewal. These unique, practical and accessible tools of poetry and story can build a sturdy bridge over rough and stormy waters back to our authentic, powerful, and resilient core– as well as to others and other.

This down-to-earth presentation is filled with attitude-renewing, perspective-shifting, soul-stirring stories and poems. In Dale’s workshop formats, participants will enjoy experiential exercises. All participants will receive practical and powerful language used in fresh new ways, designed to keep our wise, courageous hearts more fully in the game and our actions in the world smart, focused and sustained.

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Less Stress–More Meaning

How Powerful Language Sustains Our Courage To Serve

Being of true service to others is the hardest, most gratifying work we will ever do. It requires that we stay calm, centered and connected even in difficult and stressful times. Connected to ourselves, others and other. Great stories and poems can help. Their powerful language can become our own personal fuel for reducing stress and reconnecting to our greater self and to our core purpose. Such language can help us think and act more clearly and creatively, while simultaneously feeling more vital and alive? Participants will learn how to unlock the code for turning simple powerful language into the magic of inspiration, connection and action.

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