Why We Do Our Daily Practices – Poems by Dale Biron


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Why We Do Our Daily Practices is a celebration of taking one small step at a time. Ordinary everyday language put together in extraordinary ways, like plain everyday practices, can help us create the life we most want and intend.

These poems range from a poor man’s guide to meditation to a sure-fire way to turn tears into gratitude. From a manifesto railing against the evils of “rarefied poetry” to an epiphany experienced in the downstairs bathroom early one morning. Drawing upon an adult-onset obsession for great world-class poetry hitched up to our everyday human challenges and opportunities, Dale finds his own unique voice in the bargain.

At first, perhaps all that Dale understood was what we all understand at first, which is that the linear, literal language of ego doesn’t ring true, no matter how hard we work it. That voice never gets the heart closer to the truth. Then one day, Dale found the language he was longing for, in poems – true blue poems in whose speech he became so infused that he, himself, became a native speaker. — Don Goewey, author, Fishing for Fallen Light, Mystic Cool and The End of Stress

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