How To Pickle Yourself for Happiness and More…


One of the saddest things you’ll ever see are hundreds of people on a beautiful beach in Hawaii trying to be happy. Truth is, we can’t try, demand or force ourselves to be happy.


And we certainly can’t make ourselves be inspired or in love. Truth is, we do what we do and then those feelings either show up or not. And this is true in every area of our lives including, of course our work and home life.


Of course none of these highly coveted human emotions are logical or linear. Rather they are organic. And being organic, they must be nurtured and invited into our lives. I like to use the metaphor of pickling ourselves for happiness. And my favorite pickle juice happens to be poems and stories.


Here’s a poem I wrote several years ago that I love to periodically marinate in. If you’ve ever had your heart race at the sight of a great hawk, you’ll know what inspired this poem. And I hope that feeling comes through at least a little as you read or hear it.

Listen to the poem below:


“The antidote to weariness is not necessarily rest but rather it is wholeheartedness.”  – Brother David

The hawk is like the heart,

both on a glorious, difficult journey.

Soaring high, riding great waves of wind.


Fierce and free and true,

cleaved forever to a great desire,

to the winged ecstasy of delight.


But just as cold and storm can stall

a great bird’s flight, so to can sadness

and loss turn the heart away from itself.


A bone-tired weariness in need of tending,

with those healing, fierce and awakening words.

For such labor is the soul’s most sacred work


and such labor is all our most sacred work.

So let the heart be fed at it’s healing altar

for it must not fail, and it can not falter.

By Dale Biron

From Dale’s Collection – Why We Do Our Daily Practices


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