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Playing the Trust Card… And Winning

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No NonsenseTeam-Building For Family-Owned Businesses (And for the teams that want to be like family…)

How is it that some family businesses survive even with intense competition? And not just survive, but actually, thrive. Despite so often being out-spent, out-advertised, out-distributed, out-tax deducted, out-resourced, out-recruited, and out-sized? Yes, of course this is a complex question.

But there is one amazingly powerful success factor for family businesses that rises above all others. That factor is trusted relationships.

And yes, of course they also need great products and services. But we all know it’s trusted relationships, both in and outside the organization that makes the difference.

We know this because that’s how we run our own lives.

For example, my wife and I recently drove 3 hours from our home near San Francisco to Santa Cruz, CA to begin creating our Family Trust. How many attorneys did we pass on the way? It doesn’t matter. This specific attorney came highly recommended from friends who we deeply trust. So by extension, we trusted a person we’d never met (a family business by the way) and our first meeting totally reinforced that trust.

I could tell you similar stories for each trusted provider in my life. I’ll bet you can too!

So what does this mean? It’s simple. Even though trusted relationships can occur in any type or size company, family businesses have a natural, structural advantage. They’re built for it. Are there exceptions? Certainly. Not all family businesses have, or are able to leverage this advantage. However, when they do recognize, protect and grow this precious asset, they become stronger and more competitive. Which also means, of course when they let trust atrophy, they will often suffer even more intensely than big companies, the many ills of a lower-trust environment.

Lower-trust environments create a cultural race to the bottom. Internally it creates distrust, fear and skepticism, leading to communication challenges, responsibility ducking, performance problems and less durable decisions. Externally with clients, it breeds an environment, where price becomes the primary way to compete. The bottom line? Lower trust relationships (internally and externally) kill the bottom line.

For over two decades, I’ve helped successful family businesses protect, nurture and grow trusted relationships both inside and outside their organizations. I’ve done it by carefully studying teams in order to craft and offer uniquely simple and effective tools that work. Tools that actually build trust through tangible processes and behaviors.

Thankfully, these simple techniques and tools are not hard to learn. And they are now included in a 1-day, engaging, practical and experiential workshop.

1.) Trust Flourishes With Respect, Understanding, Caring and Fairness

The way to maintain and grow trust is by our “lived” values, meaning the ones our feet actually demonstrate. And while there may be other values an organization holds, the bedrock ones required to reliably foster trusted relationships are respect, understanding, caring and fairness. The good news is, there are specific behaviors, processes and tools that make these values come alive on a daily basis.

2.) It Is Soft Skills Will Make You Hard To Beat

The hardest things we do, take the softest skills to do them. The trick is having the right tools at the right time so your team can communicate and collaborate in a way that builds, not damages relationships. Plus, be able to handle the inevitable times of conflict and diverging opinions without blowing up projects and critical relationships.

3.) Get Creative Or Play Catch-Up To The “Bigs”

Many family businesses are unwittingly competing with larger organizations on their turf. They’re trying to win at games they can’t win. Using creativity as a practical, repeatable tool, family businesses can define their own game and rules. They can make the “bigs” come to them versus the other way around.

4.) Language Is The Only Tool We Can’t Put Down

The stories we tell ourselves and others are critical. And why not, we’ve been using stories, poems and aphorisms to understand and navigate our world since cave days. After all, they explain, teach, incite, warn, motivate and inspire us. The best teams know this and have the tools and practices to use stories in the most powerful ways.

Why You May Want To Bring This Workshop In-house?

You are an exceptional family business (or) you think and act like one. You may need a quick team tune-up or a more extensive overhaul? You have lots of heart and passion, but may need new team tools? You are a mature business or maybe just starting? Above all, you have a vision and are committed to reaching your next level.

This workshop will provide practical tools that not only work but are fun and inspiring to use. They will help you and your team address and overcome the most prevalent and damaging communication and collaboration mistakes and challenges that face family businesses. Especially during periods of significant transition.

If you and your team are similar to other teams I’ve worked with, your confidence will increase with these new tools, commitments and structures. Because you will have learned the secrets of how great teams not only survive, but flourish and thrive.

 I’ve Learned What I Teach By Doing

Before deciding to help support teams, I worked on and led some great ones. From several Fortune 500 companies to a software company I helped start. Over the last two decades, as a team and leadership coach, I’ve worked with some amazing and successful family-owned and family-like business teams. A partial list includes Birkenstock USA, Community West Bank, La Tortilla Factory, Goldsmith Seeds, Fisher Vineyards, McGuire Real Estate, Bank of Marin, Moss Adams, Frank Howard Allen, Collins Electrical, Exchange Bank and many more…

“Building a great family business team comes down to trust, which is supported by respect, understanding, caring and fairness. Get those values right and your product and service quality, innovation, customer service, engagement, sustain-ability and profits will follow. And please, no boring team building. If it’s not fun, informative and filled with inspiring, bold language… why bother?” –db

A Simple System That Works.

Drawing from two decades of learning from hundreds and hundreds of workshops, 1-1 coaching sessions, and organizational retreats, I’ve distilled it all into a simple system for supporting team success. We’ve worked out what works and what doesn’t. How to make ground rules real? How to predict the success of any project? How not to waste team energy? What kills and builds creativity and innovation? How to handle conflict? How to harness the power of diversity? What are the essentials for good meetings? How to make tough decisions that everyone supports? How to create a simple plan that actually works and people will follow?

This one-day workshop can accommodate teams from 5 to 15.

You will learn about:
  • What is your own behavioral style? Yes, we each have one.
  • What it takes to really listen to other team members and customers?
  • Why beliefs and assumptions can be so dangerous to collaboration?
  • How to turn difference into power and possibility vs. pain?
  • How team stories either build energy and motivation or zap it?
  • How to make decisions that stick and that the whole team supports?
  • How to develop an attitude of gratitude no matter what the circumstances?
  • How to use a simple martial arts technique to facilitate difficult conversations?
  • What steps are required for growing creativity, innovation and fun?

Fees: $6,000.00 (plus any travel expenses) for a team of (5 to 15) members. 2 full days of services, which includes a cross section of team interviews to understand the specific challenges and strengths, customized preparation, workshop materials, and one full day workshop. 100% refund if not satisfied. Also, if additional work is desired, preferential scheduling and pricing will be provided.

Call to discuss your specific needs – 415.381.2858

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