Suppose You Were A Coffee Bean …

And I don’t mean just any bean …

I mean a gourmet coffee bean organically grown, picked at peak and then roasted to perfection by my favorite Bay Area coffee company, Equator Coffee.

Oh and let’s not stop there.

Let’s grind that fresh bean to a perfect consistency and then carefully place just the right amount of coffee in my special Italian stove-top, stainless steal coffee maker perfectly designed to make amazingly delicious coffee. (And don’t get me started on the aromas while it is brewing!)

You see in this case, we’re talking coffee as art. And no, I don’t mean art as in some rarefied thing. No! I mean the get down there in the mud and brambles of life kind of art. I mean practical art done for the pure joy.

I mean anything you care about that deeply and are engaged by and with… has the opportunity to become art for you.

Words As Art

Now let’s talk about words. Language. Those sounds we make to each other in order to make meaning.  Let’s talk about poetry and a poet like Emily Dickinson who took her words so sincerely. Who loved to play and say and use them in ways that delighted, surprised and even shocked at times. I love many of her words, but I love these in particular. From San Quentin  to San Rafael High, I’ve used this poem to start many a juicy conversation.

A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.
I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

What Do You Love Enough To Turn Into Art?

Please, look around your life. What are your feet doing? You may be growing tomatoes as an art form. You may watch movies (like my wife does) with so much attention and love for stories that you start writing some of your own.

Or maybe like me you love poems and write every morning as dutifully and lovingly as you sweep the porch and prepare the offering on your stone Buddha. Or maybe it is philosophy you cherish? Or perhaps you love religion and want to write your own?

Tell me what art is yours? What do you love doing and making and fretting about so much that you don’t have to write it on your to-do list? Please, inspire us – put it in the comments below.

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