Healing Laughter (Poems In A Pandemic #9)

What’s the connection between grief, loss, and healing laughter? Just know this. Even in times of great difficulty, there are small islands of laughter upon which we can visit, shelter, and heal. Poet, Maya Angelou once said, “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.” I feel the same. And I cherish these words by Tim O’Brien, “Laughter does not deny pain. Laughter – like a wail – acknowledges and replies to pain.” Here’s a brief poem with a somewhat contrarian view on this subject.



When the
face we wear

grows old and weathered, torn
open by time,

tinted as dawn

like the late
winter mountains

of Sedona
ashen and crimson.

It will no longer
be possible

to distinguish
our deepest scars

from the long
sweet lines left

by laughter.

– Dale Biron

From © 2014 Pack Mule Press

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