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Here Is Your Guide For Choosing First Aid Poems For Your Soul

Throughout history there has always been an abiding alliance between the soul’s health and the bold language of poetry. And when the soul is healthy it means the head, heart and body are all working in a bold, courageous unity. After all, a well-lived and soulful life requires both courage and boldness. Have you noticed? Here are some guiding principles I’ve used to help many people over the years choose just the right attitude-reviving, perspective-shifting, soul-healing poems. These are perfect tools for surviving and thriving in the best, most joyful times … and in the most fierce and difficult as well. I invite you to build, use and enjoy your own poetic first aid kit.

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My Coach Is A Poem – A Guide To Poetry and Getting The Life You Want…

Not every coach is made of flesh and blood. Some are virtual and made of words and metaphors and images crafted in just right ways. In this essay you’ll learn how to use poetry as your 24 hour coach. This is the kind of coach you can put in your pocket and carry anywhere  …

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A Resource Guide: 59 Poets You Can’t Go Wrong With

These poets are around and available. They are good. Read them. Buy their books. Go to the library and check out their books. If you write, learn their stunts and tricks and write some of your own poems in their style. Use each of their poems as a workshop for living, learning and writing. Last request. Let me know how you do or if you have your own list.

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