Pickling Corporate Resilience

Pickling Corporate Resilience 

Using The Power of Language and Conversation to Create Alternative Futures of Resilience, Purpose, and Possibility

Imagine a pickle marinated to perfection. Just the right texture and taste – sweet or sour, mild or red hot? Whatever is needed for the precise meal and palate? What’s the secret? The juice! Your organization has its own pickle juice as well, often created unwittingly or by chance. It’s called social infrastructure, social fabric, or just “culture” for short.

This juice of yours either speeds, impedes, or stops cold the projects you take on. Using powerful language, new conversations, and a collection of “ah-ha” communication tools will allow you to more intentionally transform and design the juice in which you and your team marinate. Of course, this requires the courage to confront our own creative freedom and to more fully use our talents and gifts in that effort.

Hundreds of past workshop and retreat participants have proven that choosing our own juice is one of the most impactful, fun, and deeply engaging ways to build stronger, more resilient individuals and communities alike. And, of course to get more good, meaningful, make-a-difference things done together…

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