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Make Every Member On Your Team An Everyday Artistic Innovator

Look around, there’s no business, profession or institution immune to disruption. “Innovation must become an everyday habit. But don’t expect creativity without the right tools & practice.”

The Everyday Artistic Innovator tools are presented in an interactive, engaging and fun workshop, guaranteed to make you and your team more creatively successful.

The Nine Simple Practices That Will Turn You and Your Team Into Everyday Artistic Innovators, Strategically Applying Creativity To Your Toughest Challenges And Greatest Opportunities:

#1) Use Art To Create Art: Every piece of good art is a workshop on creativity and innovation. At least if we understand the DNA up underneath all creativity. Of course, great artists are also lucky. They’re blessed with native gifts and talents. But those gifts and talents only bear fruit when combined with the right attitude and practice… meaning small “c” creativity. Practices that we average mortals can learn, internalize and put to practical use in our everyday work and lives. In this way, we can be mentored and inspired by great art and artist… without being intimidated.

#2) Marry The Unusual: Place divergent ideas together and wait for the magic. Steve Jobs used this method again and again to thrive. Of course, this proven tool is not new. Think how a wine press combined with a coin punch gave us the mighty printing press and ultimately mass books.

#3) Fiercely Question Assumptions: Naturally, each of us has a deep set of guiding beliefs and assumptions. They impact everything we do and experience, yet for most of us, these critical assumptions remain largely below our awareness. To be an everyday artistic innovator is to be deeply curious. It means revealing and transcending our assumptions with simple, effective questions and tools.

#4) Love Your Limits: If you can’t fix it, feature it. Paradoxically creativity and innovation thrive on constraints: For example, consider these catalyst: We only have three weeks left. There’s no more money. We’ve got to use existing resources. Hemingway was asked to write a meaningful story, with distinct characters that evoked emotions using only six words. He wrote: For sale: baby shoes, never worn

#5) Make “Surprise” A Habit: Creativity and innovation thrive on surprise, meaning we must do everything we can to invite, recognize and nurture it. For example, two soft metals called iron and tin combine to make magnificently strong bronze. Surprise! A whole new age was born…

#6) Manage Energy Not Time: Everyday artistic innovators do not waste energy on the fool’s gold of being right. Nor do they passively waste energy by going along just to get along. They manage energy not time in service of their vision. This allows them to funnel this precious resource into the critical work of creativity and innovation, not walking on egg shells or managing egos.

#7) Integrate Your “Inner” Plumber and Poet: Creativity and innovation require a merging of our analytical, linear, logical, objective, get-it-done side with our imaginative, intuitive, visionary, subjective, dream-it-up side. Everyday artistic innovators must integrate both sides. Because, without the plumbing, nothing gets done but without the poetry, nothing is worth doing.

#8) Maintain Radical Permission: Everyday artistic innovators don’t judge ideas too soon. They appreciate and build upon the ideas that come. Diverse perspectives, new ideas, and competing opinions are all welcomed (or at least tolerated) as part of the creative process.

#9) Practice Strategic Gratitude: Success doesn’t make us grateful, it is gratefulness that makes us successful (and happy). Gratitude is a proven, hard-headed, practical tool available for everyday artistic innovators. All resilience is ultimately based on this tool and practice.

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