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Is My Kind of Leadership Coaching For You?

One day you finally knew / what you had to do, and began, / though the voices around you / kept shouting / their bad advice…–Mary Oliver

Ask yourself these five questions: 

  1. Does your team have important goals that are not being fully addressed?
  2. Have you experienced major changes that are throwing you and your team off balance?
  3. Would you like to have processes and tools to make communication easier and better?
  4. Is your culture helping or hurting your future dreams and plans?
  5. Do you have a major transition in your future that you want help addressing?


If you said yes to any or all of these questions then perhaps we should talk.

From my perspective, leadership is one part plumbing and one part poetry. The plumbing part is the technical, logical, rational, linear side. Of course this part of leadership is critical but quite frankly, just about any coach can support this plumbing part of a leader’s job. It’s mostly about asking prescribed questions, setting goals and encouraging you to finish your to-do list.

The second part of coaching is the poetry part and can often be as different as it is difficult. It’s about the creative, intuitive, visionary, non-linear and imaginative side of a leaders work. To help leaders develop this part of themselves it takes far more than basic questions and the logic of someone reciting back a to-do list

In fact, it takes a special kind of skill, passion and experience to integrate both the plumbing of leadership right along side the poetry part. This is the approach for leaders who want to turbo charge their intellectual and emotional growth and learning.

My promise to clients: I will use every tool, trick and process in my executive coach’s tool kit to support your success. And in that tool kit are some of the most insightful, engaging and yes even inspiring poems and stories you can imagine. We will use any and all tools in smart, strategic ways.

Lastly, if you haven’t looked at my brief TEDx speech, then you might want to check it out. It tells a story of how I used a powerful poem by William Stafford to help a very successful executive get even more successful, happy and fulfilled.

Write me: Or call me on my personal line if you want to talk: (415) 381-2858





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