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Give Your Broken Heart “Wings”

Poetry As A Spiritual Practice in Difficult Times

A Speech by Dale Biron

Spiritual practice is easier when things are going well. But what about those times when we can hardly believe the fierceness of an average life? Times when this amazing, beautiful and often broken world, serves up soul-sized challenges. Like when our health shifts, our work falters, relationships stumble, or yes, of course, when our favorite political candidate is defeated. These are times when we most need the healing solace of spiritual practice. It turns out that poetry is a uniquely powerful tool for just such practice. In this lively presentation, Dale will tap into his 25 years helping people in grounded, practical, fun ways reconnect to themselves, others and other.

Dale’s passion and work is marrying the skills of a leadership coach and teacher with the unique wisdom and humanity of great poetry and stories, helping individuals, leaders and organizations be happier, healthier and more successful. Dale has taken his poetry-based message to many venues, including business and non-profit meetings, webinars, conferences, boardrooms, TEDx, retreats, 1-1 coaching, churches and even political rallies. He is an Adjunct Professor at OLLI Dominican University and the former poetry editor for the Marin Poetry Center, as well as A Network for Grateful Living. Dale’s own poetry collection, “Why We Do Our Daily Practices” was published in 2014.

In the words of one audience member:

Dale is one of the most inspiring educators I have had the privilege to know. He has an innate sense of grace and humanity that opens us up to so many enriching experiences.

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