After Paris… What Is There?

It all shows up together…

The shock, the grief and the unbearable pain, right along side the amazing courage, compassion and strength to keep moving forward. Who could blame anyone for reacting in fear after this latest terrorist attack in Paris? Of course this would also be a time where hastily made comments may not be as skillful as we would like. Unfortunately such statements only increase the pain and suffering.

Fortunately a great poet has left us a map to follow in just such times.

And I do believe this is precisely the time that William Stafford pondered as he wrote a poem called, A Ritual To Read To Each Other. I recorded this poem several years ago and it is still one of the most popular.

If we are to heal and move on, taking one step at a time, as so many courageous people are demonstrating right now all over the world, we will need powerful language to sustain us. I believe this is just such language. The recorded poem is less than 2 minutes long. And if you would like, please share your response in the comments below.



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