Better Than Religion

That was better than religion…

How satisfying it was to hear that feedback after one of my recent poetry-based presentations. And when I heard it a second and third time I was even more pleased.

Now let me be clear, I take little credit for these comments, however I do believe in the power of the poems I use in my work.

It turns out the word Religion comes from Latin: Re means again or back to the original. And Ligare means to reconnect. So when poetry helps us reconnect ourselves to ourselves, to others and to the great other, it is in a real sense being religious. And I might add, without all the other baggage of guilt and all those “shoulds” that sometimes comes along with religion. At least the traditional kind.

This week, I have a poem for you that is certainly religious in the sense that it reconnects us to something vital. I’m talking about our dreams. It is called “The Farmer” by W. D. Ehrhart. I find this poem stunning. TakeĀ a quick listen and let me know what you think and even more important, how you feel.



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