Are Your Poems Giving You That Special Oomph?

First of all I want to say thanks for the deeply touching response to my last blog concerning the passing of our amazing cat… Paloma.
Reading your notes of kind support, I felt a deep sense of connection and gratitude.
Now for this week’s blog.
Of course I am a huge sucker for poems with that so-called oomph! Poems that wake us up, shake us up and help us see and feel the world in fresh new ways.
So I can’t wait for you to hear this wonderful poem by Jeanne Lohmann called Invocation. (Audio just below.)
For me this is a wonderful poem of empowerment… A poem with that special oomph!
Item last. I’ve been invited by the wonderful owners and team at Equator Coffees to give a special poetry presentation at their Mill Valley location in Tam Valley. I love everything about Equator, including the amazing coffee and delightful, talented people who own and run it.
If you are local to the SF Bay Area, or will be traveling here, I would love to have you there.  The presentation will be held right after the shop closes at 6:30pm on Saturday, October 24th.
The event is sponsored by Equator and is free, however if you are planning to come please send a quick email ( to ensure we have the right number of chairs. Friends are welcome too. Click here for more details or go here on the web site.
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