Against Normal… (Poems In A Pandemic #7)

Wonder if the future is a (new) dream we’re all about to have? In this brief video, a powerful quote I find stunningly clarifying, plus a short poem about what’s next after the pandemic.

After The Pandemic

(A Radical Poem About Starting Fresh Again…)

No one wants to go back,
to that old store-bought happiness,
to the incessant noise and nonstop stuff,
to all the endless and shiny distractions.

No one wants to go back to buying
and breathing a plastic everything world.
And we’re tired of those ten thousand ads
each day, telling us we are never enough.

No one wants to go back to the denied
insanity of infinite growth on a finite planet,
to an earth-hating economy that loves profits
more than the people who toil to earn them.

No one wants to return to streets filled
with homeless pain, to deep inequality,
to the kind of truth that will not stand
up, to the slightest sniff of humanity.

© Dale Biron 2020

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