Adult Onset Poetry Syndrome

You may have it and not even know. Or simply not be aware that your malady has a name. For me, it has been over 25 years since I was stricken in the early prime of my adult life with Adult Onset Poetry Syndrome.


Symptoms: (Note: 3 or more symptoms mean you have it!) Poetry books on your shelves. A favorite poet, maybe several. You have taken one or more classes on some aspect of poetry. You have at least a few lines committed to memory. There are favorite poems on folded paper lurking somewhere in your possession. At some point, you have written some lines of poetry yourself. And the most troubling symptom is you have no intention of doing anything different in the future.


In that spirit, I offer a small poetry fix. A strange little fun poem by James Tate. May I entice you to listen the whole poem (AUIDO FILE JUST BELOW) by providing you these odd but satisfying first few lines? It is a kind of a wake-up call for the ruts we humans are so subject to get into…

Dear Reader (By James Tate)

Dear Reader

I am trying to pry open your casket

with this burning snowflake….


PS: Come fill up your First Aid Kit For The Soul with some wonderful, delicious poems. This will be a special one-time only poetry presentation at The Osher Marin JCC on Thursday, May 26, 2016. DETAILS BELOW AND ON THE WEB.

Learning Unlimited

Poetry: First Aid For The Soul

Join Dale Biron to explore the abiding alliance between the soul’s health and the bold, often courageous language of poetry. Learn his guiding principles used to help many people choose the right attitude-reviving, perspective-shifting, soul-healing poems. Let poetry become a fun, thrilling and insightful part of your life.

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