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Dale is a speaker, teacher, poet and leadership coach. He has a social science degree and a black belt in the martial art of Aikido. His collection of poems entitled, “Why We Do Our Daily Practice” was published in 2014.
Fascinated by discovering the hard working, practical poems and stories that transform  passion into insight and action, Dale is dedicated to sharing his work far and wide. He is best known for practically applying the wisdom of great poems and stories to the challenges and opportunities we all face in our work and personal lives.
His TEDx speech features Dale uniquely incorporating poetry into his work as a coach. From one-on-one coaching of leaders and teams, to business conferences and organizational retreats, to university classes, Dale has worked in many venues.
Dale’s unconventional and innovative views on mixing leadership and life strategy with poetry, coaching and martial arts have attracted attention and earned him invitations to work with an array of leaders, teams and organizations, including: Birkenstock USA, Lam Research, Exchange Bank, 3-Com Corporation, A Network For Grateful Living, Bank of America, Dominican University, Goldsmith Seeds, Moss Adams LLP, Community West Bank, McGuire Real Estate, La Tortilla Factory, Frank Howard Allen, Collins Electrical, Fisher Vineyards, Bank of Marin and Central Valley Builders Supply.
Dale is available for events, conferences, retreats, keynotes and media interviews. He is active on Twitter and writes his own blog.
Dale is an Adjunct Professor at Dominican University, where he teaches in one of the most highly regarded Osher Lifelong Learning Programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also active in the not-for-profit world, functioning as past poetry editor and a current board member with A Network for Grateful Living. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A Few More Details About Dale …

  • He once recited Frost at a loud and rowdy political rally.
  • Dale discussed the great poet Rilke with the founder of a famous American company for longer than they talked about business, profits and strategic plans.
  • He has recited William Stafford at corporations, schools, universities and opera houses alike.
  • He quieted high school students with small doses of Emily D.
  • Dale has married couples using poems from the likes of Bly, Collins and Goethe.
  • He has stopped more than one business leader in their tracks with Rumi.
  • He once shouted himself hoarse at a men’s gathering reciting Walt Whitman against the thunderous background of the ocean.
  • Dale grew up in the American South with a father that read voraciously and a mother who spoke Latin, loved words, poetry and collected first edition books.
  • He once visited the Hotel Biron (No relationship) in Paris where the poet Rilke was personal secretary to Rodin. It was an amazing experience. No one gave any notice to Dale’s last name.
  • Dale has read poetry every day of his life for the last 21 years (and counting).
  • Dale loves to write poems as well but only after his daily dose of reading great poetry.
  • His all time favorite poet is William Stafford. Although Dale never met William Stafford in person, he has become friends with his son, Kim who is also an amazing writer, poet and dear soul.

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