About Dale

Dale Biron has a deep passion for powerful language and knows that all transformation begins there. Dale supports people, groups and organizations, with the language, conversations, and protocols needed to create better communication, stronger relationships, and results that matter.

A poet, writer, and storyteller by heart, a speaker and teacher by invitation, Dale uses stories, poems, and aphorisms to challenge, support, and create new cultural perspectives, insights, and a stronger, more resilient social fabric.

His newest book, Poetry For The Leader Inside You: A Search And Rescue Mission For The Heart and Soul is now available.

His TEDx speech features Dale uniquely incorporating poetry into his work as a coach. From one-on-one coaching of leaders and teams, to business conferences and organizational retreats, to university classes, Dale has worked in many venues.

He is honored to have worked with so many progressive and successful organizations, including years of work with the teams at Fisher Vineyards, Moss-Adams, Exchange Bank, Dominican University, Pomponio Ranch, and Birkenstock, USA, working along side that company’s amazing founder, Margot Fraser.

Dale is just as proud of his mistakes and stumbles, as his wins and epiphanies. (Maybe more so, as the stumbles make learning faster…)

For 25 years Dale Biron has coached an extraordinary number of successful leaders and teams. His mission is to support clients in both their work and personal lives… Using bold and powerful conversations, he is transforming how timeless questions, narratives and poems are experienced and used in new and practical ways by leaders and teams.

Bucking tradition, Dale uses poems in story-rich, entertaining and engaging ways that ignite the mind, unleash the imagination and touch the heart and soul. Dale has long observed how great stories and poems integrate and draw out the best of our intellectual and emotional selves. Such poems and stories have courageous, wholehearted conversations built right in, making them exceptional tools for leaders and teams who want to communicate better and therefore naturally get more accomplished together.

Dale has presented and taught at large and small venues throughout the west, including: TEDx Marin, national business conferences, The Herbst Theatre and Dominican University. He served on the board of the Marin Poetry Center and was past poetry editor for A Network for Grateful Living.

Growing up in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, under the careful watch of a New England bred Father who read voraciously, and a Southern born Mother who loved poetry, literature and Latin, Dale’s love for language was predestined. He is former Poetry Editor for A Network for Grateful Living and served on the Board of Directors of the Marin Poetry Center. Dale’s own book of poems, “Why We Do Our Daily Practice” was published in 2014.

Dale is available for speaking, teaching, leadership and team enhancing assignments, events, conferences, retreats, keynotes and media interviews. He is active on Twitter and writes his own blog.

Dale is an Adjunct Professor at Dominican University, where he teaches in one of the most highly regarded Osher Lifelong Learning Programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also active in the not-for-profit world, functioning as past poetry editor and a emeritus board member with A Network for Grateful Living. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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