Coach, Speaker, Poet, Adjunct Professor

My work is marrying the skills of a coach, speaker and teacher with the unique wisdom and humanity of great poetry and stories, helping individuals, leaders and organizations be more grounded, centered and connected.

Unconventional? Yes, by design. In fact, some describe my work as refreshingly different and practical. Plus, they say, it has the extra bonus of being fun, entertaining, and often inspiring. So please, check it out and you decide. I promise that whatever your goal, the journey will be anything but boring…

Curious? OK, here I am to the right giving a TEDx Speech on how I combine proven coaching methods with my own secret sauce of great poetry.

About Dale

Dale Biron has an unwavering belief in the practical power of language to engage, grow and inspire us. It is the power to help us be and live more successfully and creatively in both our work and home lives…


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Audiences Are Saying

Dale’s presentation was stimulating, fun and profound.

Loved your presentation. You received a 5.0 rating!

Dale is a charming charismatic presenter whom I daresay could make anyone love poetry.

Dale is one of the most inspiring educators I have had the privilege to know. He has an innate sense of grace and humanity that opens us up to so many enriching experiences during the brief time we are with him.

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